Club 62 Nashville is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meeting space for 12-step based recovery groups and meetings at the Club 62 clubhouse. The clubhouse is located at 329 Peachtree Street, Nashville, TN 37206 (map). The mission of Club 62 is to provide a safe place where individuals suffering from alcoholism can go to find solutions to their problems. This is done primarily through the 12-step groups that meet in the clubhouse, as well as though periodic “fellowship” activities and service opportunities available on-site. With meetings that begin in the morning, some that occur during the day and a few that carry late into the evening, there are lots of great ways for people to get in touch with others in their community with whom they can relate, as they guide each other on the road to recovery.

Club 62 aims to foster these relationships and nurture the personal growth necessary to recover from alcoholism. Our hope is to serve as a beacon of light in the South Nashville recovery community, a goal which many tell us is already well underway.

We follow the Club 62 Bylaws developed by the members and directors of Club 62 Nashville, Inc. Everyone is welcome to participate in the operation of the clubhouse by attending our regular board meetings where dues paying members also have a vote on any matters being discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Club 62 affiliated with any particular fellowship? While Club 62 is definitely not affiliated with any particular 12-step fellowship we currently only focus on alcohol related problems and solutions.
  • Who can be a member of Club 62? Club 62 membership is limited to those individuals with a desire to stop drinking and their families.
  • Are my donations or membership fees tax deductible? YES!!! Any donation made to Club 62 can be deducted from your annual federal income taxes. Please help support Club 62 by becoming a dues-paying voting member or by simply making a donation.
  • When is the clubhouse open? The clubhouse is open whenever the members say so. Unlike many other clubhouses that are only open during a specified time period, Club 62 is open during all scheduled meetings as well as whenever a key holding club member is present. If a key holder wants to use the facilities for step work, a small group meeting or just to hang out, the door is always open.